Tuesday, 2 November 2010

You know, I used to play at Bernard Manning's Embassy....

.......that little tale is on the website "manchesterbeat", look under venues, Harpurhey.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Imelda May woke me up last night..............

Imelda May woke me up last night. Well, in a manner of speaking. What actually happened is that I was awoken by the crashing down of the flier I scrounged at her Academy 2 concert the other Saturday night (9th October 2010 ). I'd stuck it in a wobbly glass picture frame and it leapt off the wall, unaided, at about 5.00 am.
On the night in question we'd got in nice and early, there were just a handful of believers in, we could stroll casually up to the stage for me to knowledgeably (and wrongly) point out Darrell Higham's semi acoustic rockabilly guitar on it's stand, just a-waiting to twang.

So in the manner of seasoned concert goers we had a walk down the hall and into the street to a groovy little bar called “ Big Hands”, timing our return just as the support finished.
They were Furious. (See how I resisted the pun!). The lads got a great reception. I was more than happy to join in and give them the clap.

Well there's full, and there's stupid, as Count Arthur Strong might say. If someone had tried to cram just another half a dozen rockabillies into the hall, the walls may well have given out and brought the roof down.

Worth the squeeze and risk of building collapse though, all was forgiven the moment the gorgeous Imelda took to the stage . She's sure fine lookin' man, wow, she's somethin' else. Sassy. And what an incredible, totally distinctive voice.
She has a tremendous band - with hubby Darryl's trademark Eddie Cochran style lead guitar riffs and bends as a perfect counterpoint to her jazz – rock vocals.
The band line up was Imelda lead vocals, plus guitar , bass , drums and trumpet.
The sound was enormous and colossal - even stood with my back against the mixer desk at the rear of the hall, the beat of the drum was loud and bold - I felt the pulse pounding on my chest .

She played all the biggies, Johnny's got a Boom Boom, Mayhem, Psycho, Train Kep't a Rollin'. I didn't take notes. All great songs, every one a winner. I could run out of superlatives trying to describe this show - just fabulous!
Now out to go and buy me a reliable / non- suicidal picture frame.

Monday, 4 October 2010

Musical Afflictions ( 3 ) Tearie Singism AKA Scriekey warbling.

Symptoms ;- Vocalist can't sing for crying, due to sheer emotion of song. Mostly seems to affect X factor wanna - bees, milli seconds after they appear to have forgotten the words.
Cure : - give them a quick cuddle. That normally fixes it.

My MP3 player............

.............the most frequently played tracks this month.(This is a completely different list to my all time favorite 5 rock and roll tracks as seen on Planet Jive's cool website )
I'm Down.....The Beatles
Dear Dad.....Chuck Berry
Mayhem..... Imelda May
She Does it Right ...Dr. Feelgood
Gone Gone Gone...... Robert Plant and Alison Krauss.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Leigh Garrick Club

An Appreciation of the Leigh Garrick Club.

Why The Garrick Club ?

It was a local club I used to frequent and really love during my late teens and early twenties. It was actually, in what is now a scorned term, a “cabaret club”.
In Leigh in those days my gang were quite keen to hear live music so we used to mostly alternate between two main clubs – the Leigh Casino and the Leigh Garrick. Personally I used to generally prefer the Garrick - both clubs had a completely different vibe – for me the Garrick had the edge for sound , proximity to stage, attention of the audience.
I used to attend more or less every week , some times two or three times in a single week, especially, for example, when Del Shannon was appearing, which was quite frequently. The acts usually played six consecutive nights and Tuesday, I think it was, had free admission, and hence was packed. It was often full Friday and Saturday nights, too.
They had a full show, resident band, support acts. Incidentally a lot of the support acts were, or were to become British household names , Jim Bowen, Mike Reid, Stan Boardman, George Roper, plus plenty others.
It was a great room too, it had big pillars giving a seriously restricted view of the stage if you were in the wrong seat , but that was just one of those things and after all, they did hold the low ceiling up. There was a wide shallow stage, with the whole place having a dark, fabulously moody atmosphere.
Performers survived on ability at the Garrick, there was no hiding place , no backing tracks or other fakery - it was all totally live in those days of course.

As a matter of fact, before I was old enough to get in, some pals and I used to oft-times shelter and hang around at the side of Sterling's furniture shop on Leigh Road. That was a little open mall, like a short corridor , if you like, and you could listen to the acts clearly from there as it was directly behind the stage. Wonder who I heard.......

Do You know the history of the Building

Formally a Mill, and in the 1920s it had been Timms Garage.
A Tyldesley entrepreneur, Roy Jackson, converted it from a shirt factory into a night club. Opening night was Fri Nov 17th 1961,with crooner Ronnie Carroll “top of the bill”, which was always how it was described in club terms.
He was late and slightly injured too, his car had hit a lamp post in Howe Bridge. Which I very nearly did in my first mini in the same place too, perhaps in tribute.

Del Shannon, Multiple appearances
Del always opened with Hats off to Larry, then into Handyman, Two Kinds of Teardrops,........ I won't list them, all the hits were there. Didn't talk much, just stood there beind the dual mics they always laid on, with his cream telecaster guitar and powered through those tremendous hurting songs of his "But you'll think you've got a paper heart, when she starts to tear it apart ". Wow! He was a great, great singer, no effort. His act wasn't actually an act, he just was Del Shannon, there was no acting about that. Del was uncompromising, tough, unique, original. One time he told some people near the front who were complaining about the volume to go and sit at the back " don't sit at the front and complain that it's too loud ". Fair comment, and it wasn't over loud in any case, it was perfect,of course. Whenever he was appearing I'd go 2 or 3 times in the week , with the net result that I must have seen him over a dozen, or probably many more times. He used to get a random crew of locals up on one mic to sing backing vocals “hup, hup ho oh oh oh oh” - Dion`s Runaround Sue . Cabaret, you know. Obviously he always closed with Runaway, and I`d walk home happy with that song going round and round in my head.

Gene Vincent 1971
Originally billed in Leigh local paper of Thurs Sept 16 1971 “ Next Sunday And All Week “ BUT Gene had a disastrous time, the bones of the story being that he was suffering from a debilitating condition and got stopped from completing his booking. I've already written a much fuller account of this incident, published in the UK Rock magazine of June 2010, and is accessible on line.

Lonnie Donegan Appearance circa 1976
The first time I saw Lonnie was at the Garrick . ( The second, and only other was at the Cavern in Liverpool ) He was fabulous , a massive early influence on everybody in the UK. Just ask Paul McCartney or Joe Brown. Although I generally dislike simplistic titles, he actually was “king of skiffle” the title fits perfectly. Lonnie was fascinating to witness, there were so many influences evident within him you know , blues , folk , music hall ( he was pre rock and roll). A one of a kind, totally irreplaceable. He really whipped the audience up into a frenzy. I can still clearly recall a woman sitting immediately to my right in floods of tears when he sang “ I'm never gonna fall in love again” a song he'd written for Tom Jones, apparently. I'd never really seen music cause that kind of hysterics, first hand. Powerful. I remember him playing Rock Island Line , his breakthrough hit, and by the seventies he was doing it with a very extended slow intro before the song proper played at breakneck pace. Incidentally it was the first time I'd ever seen anyone use a radio mic, it must have been his new toy as he persevered with it in spite of a great deal of annoying whistling feed back .

P J Proby 1976
Legend has it that on his previous stint at the Garrick he had caused a ruckus culminating in a chair being thrown on stage nearly hitting him, and Proby challenging anyone who fancied his chances to a fight. He must have been brave, because he wasn't that big.
We used to joke as a mock headline “ P J Proby takes on all comers at the Leigh Garrick” , - it certainly had a ring of truth about it.( The incident may possibly have occurred at the Casino, though !)
Any way I got to see him in 1976 and that was an unforgettable night, too. Earlier in the day he'd got married at Bolton Registrar's to Ducie, a Blackpool croupier, and by the time he hit the stage he'd had one too many. That is, one barrel too many. Disregarding (or perhaps partially because of ) the fact that he was totally plastered, he still absolutely impressed me , mostly with his incredible voice, which remained intact, but also with his absolute devil may care attitude. He had the punk rock attitude before punk rock happened. Within minutes he managed to upset a troupe of women by insulting them and swearing at them, for no apparent reason, and they subsequently upped and left – they a staged a mass and noisy walk out. To this day I can remember exactly the expletives he came out with, but I won't repeat here, it being far too rude. For the young impressionable me , it was so ridiculous that it was simply hilarious. By the time he finished his spot, several mic lead entanglements later, there were only a handful of people left in the room. He more or less thanked us all individually for staying.
I also recall Solomon King clambering on stage mid way through PJP's set to sing “She Wears My Ring “ to the widely smiling pair of newlyweds.

Other notable Garrick Appearances, in no specific order

Scaffold (man that's Paul McCartney's Brother !!!) – with Zoot Money on Keyboards.
Karl Denver Trio
Hurricane Smith (I've only got this as hear-say, but I'm fairly confident it's correct)
Bill Haley and his Comets
Craig Douglas
Georgie Fame Aug 1967
Brenda Lee Late 1967
Billy Fury
Adam Faith
Jerry Lee Lewis Thurs 10 Fri 11th Nov 1966
Shane Fenton and the Fentones 1970
Dave Berry
Marty Wilde

Closed March `1978 (Last Act Cannon And Ball)

At the time of writing the Garrick has been demolished - it's been reduced to a little patch of ground - the front doorway and a part demolished length of the rear wall still remain - surveying it now it's a remarkably short distance from concert room back wall to where the stage was.
But in it's heyday it was a place where you could sit right at the stage edge, three yards away from Del Shannon and listen and watch whilst eating scampi and chips in a basket. Great!
And oddly enough, I've never eaten scampi since, it just wouldn't be the same.

Image:- Remains of bricked-up Garrick Main Entrance 2010

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Stages, Leigh Casino, The Cavern, Kingsway Club, Bolton Odeon

The Kingsway Club in Southport  burned down on the 7th Sept. 2010. The Beatles had performed on it's stage, and presumably that stage is now destroyed. It could have been lifted and replaced somewhere. With the current and obsessive interest in Rock and Roll memorabilia  I'm certain fans  would  have paid top doller........... so if nothing else preserving such original stages could be seen as business opportunities. Imagine, you could have a Beatles stage in your lounge!!

I seem to remember the original Cavern stage was broken up and sold. Which,  if it actually happened is ok but hardly the same as keeping the whole thing intact. How cool would that have been inlaid into the centre of an arena stage.

By the time they tore down my local  Leigh Casino , I'm almost certain that the original stage,as played on by the Beatles in the very early sixties, had already been lost, destroyed by a fire.

DP Bolton Odeon 2013

 Same sort of thinking regarding the non preservation of the stage of the Bolton Odeon Theatre (Cinema) demolished in 2007, having played host to Chuck Berry, Roy Orbison and no doubt many other names. Same for Leigh Garrick. And on and on ..........

Chuck Berry was here! What would have been centre stage at the Bolton Odeon.
Pic  taken May  2013

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Mayhem ringtone

Imelda May's new record Mayhem is colossal. But near the end they have the sound of my mobile ring tone buried in the mix, so everytime I play the track I end up scrabbling around looking to answer a phantom call !

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Cort MGM1 (Matt "Guitar" Murphy Signature Series)

My little Cort MGM1.

 It's a cool guitar. Very easy guitar to play and comfy, lightweight ,good tone and critically,it  holds its tuning.

Mine  is an ex- demo model, I got at the Northern Guitar Show about a decade ago for what seemed to be a song -  I don't actually  know what kind of price they go for.

Studio and occasional live use - it's the outtro guitar on " You're Sure Looking Good to Me" and it appears in lots of other places too. Pretty little thang, ain't it!

DP with Cort MGM 1 (On the site of  the Bolton Odeon 2013)

Monday, 23 August 2010

auto tune

Following some storm in a tea cup X factor controversy (more publicity for them) a talking head on the news has just stated that there hasn`t been a record released in the last ten years that hasn't had some amount of auto tune correction (to get the vocals in pitch).
We don't use it and I'm sure lots, probably most artists, don't either. So there!

Friday, 20 August 2010

I've got 143 friends, me !

Just sneaked onto face book for a look around, it's scary really, like a Tales of the Unexpected" script, as, in just a few fast clicks ,so many old faces, people who were just a distant memory, are suddenly smiling at me from the screen - friends of friends of friends - and if that's not enough - they have all got older - some hardly recognisable.

Also , and I'm sure this was a song - proof that everybody knows somebody who knows somebody that's famous.

At pres, I`m just a name a school and a birth date. But can I resist the magnetic pull of a social networking site ................. Yes I can!

P.S One day later. Er, no, I can't, after all !

PPS - One week later - it turns out I've actually got 8 friends. The 143 was a rough estimate.

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Short Q and A

Here are my replies to a short "1950's - related" Q and A interview from yesterday (Good questions, Stella, hope you dont mind me reproducing it on here!!!)

Q. How would you describe your interest in the fifties?
A. I was brought up in a family with very strong musical influences. Buddy, Chuck, Fats and the like were always on our old big gramophone (not much Elvis though, oddly). The emergence of Rock and Roll music / youth culture as a rebellious force and as a generation with, really for the first time, expendable income (although I never had any !).
British / American / French cinema. 50's to mid 60's.
Great dancing / jiving - freedom of expression / the oft quoted sexual revolution ( I didn't have much of that, either!).

Q.Where does your interest mainly lie?
A. Mainly the music, but also the fashion - the girls / women looked fabulous. Also the culture . I am into old stuff such as Bela Lugosi movies and the like, Ed Wood, cinematic "pulp fiction" (I know there `s no such thing !!). I'm generally interested as it's recent history (within my memory to an extent) Funnily enough, I don't see it as nostalgia though, as its still current to me.
It has to be sincere though.

Q. Where do u get your inspiration from?
A. My inspiration comes directly mainly from the music, but also the art work as it were. The (B) movie posters were a superb now mainly lost art, except in parody, or tribute.

Q.Do u particularly like one style or is it a mix?
A. Mix. I Don't think there is any mileage in all the guys trying to look like John Travolta though, there is no mileage in that. If not done correctly it can become fancy dress.

Q. Where do u get your collectables from?
A. Don't think I particularly collect memorabila. There are some cool shops / cafe bars in the retro style in Manchester northern quarter - Afflicks' Palace and so on - I feel at home there.

Q. Do you attend events ?
A. Some times get to rock and roll events. I play my own concerts in that general style ...........I am actually going on to a rock and roll club in Blackpool tonight. I am a singer songwriter musician somewhat in the "style" of the early rockers. However I don't believe in just rehashing old songs - how can my "Johnny B Goode" be as good as Chuck's? Well it can't, so it's pointless to do it ---- I write my own material.

Q. What kind of people do you identify with?
A. the only people I really identify with really are musicians who understand the rock medium. Of course "rock" is a term that has been stolen by "heavy metal" type stuff, which leaves me cold. To me "rock", and "rockabilly", and "rock and roll" ,and "original rhythm and blues" can all mean the same thing, it just depends on what the flavour of the month is to determine which title is being used.

Q. Are past styles part of the mainstream ?
A. I believe that past styles are part of the mainstream . It was always this way, I also witnessed this with punk rock in the mid late 70's , which when it emerged had the nation horrified, but I just thought it was funny. Still do. Now punk is totally mainstream.

Q. Is there a current retro trend ?
A. Yes there is. Massive at the moment - It ebbs and flows some times it's popular some times you can't get arrested playing it it's so "out of style" but I don't mind, makes no difference at all to me.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Musical afflictions (2) Racey Drumism

(lat ;- drummous speediupious)
Symptom - Drummer cannot keep time , speeds up until by end of song singer can't fit all words in.
Cure - There is no cure, can be alleviated somewhat by starting songs at a slow pace, theory being that around the middle it will be at roughly the correct tempo.
This condition can be very useful for playing "Hava Nagila", especially if drummer does not know it's actually supposed to speed up. If he does, well good luck come the last verse.

Musical Afflictions (1) MINIDISC-ITUS

Symptoms - Common complaint, where vocalist is singing live with real musicians backing him / her - ie as opposed to singing to backing tapes - " minidisc-itus" causes singer to sing habitually to backing track arrangement and lose place in music.
Cure - musicians to completely ignore him / her and follow written arrangement. Singer can get to end when he /she feels like it.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Yamaha APX 10 LA

Yamaha APX 10 LA resting in
Wilderswood  Studio
 My main electro - acoustic for live work
- in fact the only one I use.
 It's played combo-amp free, direct into the PA system. This is a straight-forward top class guitar with a rich, full, realistic  acoustic tone, and importantly it's very feedback resistant with an onboard mini graphic equaliser, and volume control.   There are a lot of these guitars around, in various permutations and price ranges, and for good reason. They are really excellent, sort of an industry standard. I've seen Ralph McTell use one live, they have to be good to have that level of patronage.  Mine was used as a pure acoustic on my 2009 EP. For recording new (ten's gauge) strings help the sound along, of course.

EP includes
"Boogie Woogie 'Till The Cows Come Home
available as mp3 download on
Amazon, iTunes etc.
 The Yamaha is the one seen on the "Rockin' With" ep artwork.

Friday, 18 June 2010

Hamer Newport Pro

 This is my alternative stage electric guitar. I wanted a professional standard semi acoustic that was that little bit different, this little American really fits the bill. It's nice and reasonably light  but still very robust and sturdy.
The more I play it the more I like it, it sustains and it sings. As always, I have it fitted with "tens" strings, that gives perfect bendability with perfect tuning stability. (Or at least, it should do - if it doesn't, something's wrong! On this guitar -  perfection!).
An instrument like this isn't cheap, but it won't go down in value, so owning one is like having  money in the bank. And you can't play Johnny B. Goode on money in the bank!

Hamer Newport guitars are often used by Tim Mitchell (Shakira).

Washburn HB35

Dave Peters Birmingham UK 2012 Copyright Screamsville UK

Club gig, Blackpool Dec 2012 Copyright Screamsville UK

This is my 1984 Japanese Washburn S/N 8491. It's a cool rock and roll guitar, one of my main two stage electrics. It's had to have some work done over the years though -  a broken neck repair, then I had  locking tuners and a Buzz Feiten system fitted. So now it's really in tune and stays in tune. ( It didn't  actually need the locking tuners, I just had them fitted while it was in for other repairs anyway - and they are really good!) Like all the best guitars, I can use it for an hour set, put it in it's case, and come back to it a week later and it will still be in concert, or as near as a midges.)
 Nice slim neck, standard 2 humbucker configuration, just what the doctor ordered.
Live I mostly just use it through a Boss DD3 into my amp to get that rockabilly sound. I still have a Wem Copycat, but the little Boss pedal is just more roadworthy.   
 The Washburn is the lead guitar that features on the track "Boogie Woogie 'Till The Cows Come Home" - the first guitar you hear.

Ibanez Musician circa 1978

DP's Ibanez Musician
I bought this in Johnny Roadhouse, Manchester, around about 1990, for, I seem to recall, £130.00. A fair old bargain - these guitars are quite sought after nowadays. When I found it, there were three on the wall  hiding in the back corner, my southpaw and two right handers, tucked out of  the way and forgotten about (Perhaps it just seemed that way to me!). All  similarly priced, with hindsight, I should have taken the three.

But it's not all about the price, it's actually mostly about playability, and this plays so well that it's one of  my guitars that I'd  be most reluctant to part with.

It's an ace instrument, the neck intonation is spot on, with the action being low low low.
Solid bodied, and a bit weighty - but that's ok, it goes with the territory.

The internal electics in mine are all awry, so  I've got it  wired  just using the pickups as humbuckers (ignoring coil taps) nice and simple, out via volume and tone controls, naturally. For any style of playing , really that's all that's needed
A fantastic guitar, used lots - including for the album cover artwork. I often revisit this guitar and give it another outing.

Ibanez Musician  on
Rock 'n' Roll Outsider
 album cover

Dean Bass (Carly`s old bass)

In 1999 I needed a bass urgently for a Danish tour - I found this used Dean in Bonecat Music Middleton. it may be a cheappo - I really have no idea  - it has no model number or any form of ID,but  I'm told it's from when Samick owned Dean. On the back plate you can just make out someone has inscribed " Carly's Bass" so, left handed bassist Carly, I've got your old bass.

Anyway, I really like it, it's nice and good to play and deep deep deep. The neck pickup failed so I`ve put a replacement in I got from Ireland. It can be heard  on  several  of my tracks  including "Boogie Woogie 'Till The Cows Come Home".    I record through a Boss compression sustainer CS-3 DI (direct inject)  into the desk. That really works for me.

Bass playing favorites / inspirations, in random-ish order are :-
Paul McCartney, James Jamerson, Lisa Featherstone, Willie Dixon,  Duck Dunn.

Friday, 11 June 2010

John Barry Seven

Had a couple of photos, they had been in my family for years (almost fifty years, actually )-- they are of the JB7 ,and the reason they are in my possession is that my cousin, Mike Peters was in the band , he can be seen here playing his Framus bass. He`s standing between the legendary guitarist Vic Flick and JB (oh and Les Reed is the pianist).
Mike is well, lives in Leeds, I visited him a while ago, he`s an interesting guy.

I passed one photo out to Geoff Leonard for his JB biography (never checked if he actually used it, but he said he intended to),........ this is the other.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010


Happy to appear at a Help For Heroes fundraiser last Thursday night in Salford , near Manchester. I played a 20 minute set with my friends Liz Baker on keys / bass and Tony Heath on drums. They played a blinder. That's English for very well. Several artists on the bill with one early act who shall remain nameless over running by 100 per cent plus. That impacts as subsequent acts having their set shortened - and being later in actually appearing, of course.

Luckily we managed to sneak on before the very end - that is before the boy / girl duo with the huge PA system and backing tracks. Good thing too, as there can be a bit of a problem following the giant noise that eminates from such acts, then followed by a live trio with un-miked drums, little guitar amps etc. It's to do with relative sound pressure.

Plus it was way past my bed time already.

Monday, 17 May 2010

North West Guitar Show

Had me a real good time yesterday at the North West Guitar Show, Haydock Park Racecourse. I just love guitars and amps and stuff, man. This show is cool for cats. I always end up with some goodies, there's so much good stuff to be had, although this time I managed to control my self and not part with too much hard earned cash. But there are always bargains galore, as well as "vintage" gear with prices ranging from give - away to sky-high. Personally, I tend to buy at the give-away end of the spectrum. Having said that, market forces dictate, and if a person is willing to pay the price for something, well that's what it's worth...........
Don't get me wrong though, at these guitar shows of course there's actually loads and loads of "snips" to be had.
I always spot lorry loads of stuff I used to own too, like an original fuzz face, 160 pounds, hardly cheap. I got mine for a fiver thirty odd years ago, but one night it mysteriously dissapeared , drawing blank dunnos from the roadies. "Dunno where its gone". If I still had it I wouldn`t use it mind, I`d just show it to people!
Also some of the demonstrators are so good they make me want to lay on the floor and moan like a dog. Which I refrain from doing. Usually. I caught part of the set from "The Revelators". Sounding great, really rockin`, very punchy, very Creedence. Thought I'd Google them later, which I have done, but I`m not sure that I've actually found them though, there seems to be more than one band with that name, can`t pinpoint 'em. Maybe they aren`t there.

Sure Lookin' Good To Me (Lyric)

(Words and Music © Dave Peters)

This track available separately or
 on the ep
Rockin' With Dave Peters
(mp3 download)
 I gotta head full of ideas they're drivin' me insane
I'm gonna keep a movin` like a one way train
I'm lookin' for you baby cause you're lookin' so good
Gonna love you better than you thought I could

Shake it holy mama 'cause you know that that's the way it's gonna be
You`re sure lookin' good, sure lookin' good to me

Gonna take it to my mama if that's what it takes
I`m lookin' for you baby lookin' out the breaks
With your dresses and your sneakers and your head held high
Gimme heebie jeebies baby my oh my


Betcha mama told you she was outta sight
Bet she wouldn't let you keep it out all night
Molly couldn't get it she used up all her might
Surely Shirley showed her how to do it right

( Chorus)

Shake it holy mama , while you can, shake it holy mama, I'm your man ( Repeat `till fade)

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Boogie Woogie Till The Cows Come Home (Lyric)

Boogie Woogie 'Till the Cows Come Home
available as a separate track, or on the ep
Rockin' With Dave Peters 
Blackcat Rockabilly Europe, (which is a great site) have been good enough to include the full lyric to " Boogie" on their site - its at www.rockabilly.nl/ ( Look under "Lyrics, B", of course !!!) Thanks again guys.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Setting up

Just bear with me anybody reading this, still setting it all up at the moment, so nil to report yet . Y`awl come back now, hear !