Monday, 17 May 2010

North West Guitar Show

Had me a real good time yesterday at the North West Guitar Show, Haydock Park Racecourse. I just love guitars and amps and stuff, man. This show is cool for cats. I always end up with some goodies, there's so much good stuff to be had, although this time I managed to control my self and not part with too much hard earned cash. But there are always bargains galore, as well as "vintage" gear with prices ranging from give - away to sky-high. Personally, I tend to buy at the give-away end of the spectrum. Having said that, market forces dictate, and if a person is willing to pay the price for something, well that's what it's worth...........
Don't get me wrong though, at these guitar shows of course there's actually loads and loads of "snips" to be had.
I always spot lorry loads of stuff I used to own too, like an original fuzz face, 160 pounds, hardly cheap. I got mine for a fiver thirty odd years ago, but one night it mysteriously dissapeared , drawing blank dunnos from the roadies. "Dunno where its gone". If I still had it I wouldn`t use it mind, I`d just show it to people!
Also some of the demonstrators are so good they make me want to lay on the floor and moan like a dog. Which I refrain from doing. Usually. I caught part of the set from "The Revelators". Sounding great, really rockin`, very punchy, very Creedence. Thought I'd Google them later, which I have done, but I`m not sure that I've actually found them though, there seems to be more than one band with that name, can`t pinpoint 'em. Maybe they aren`t there.

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