Monday, 17 May 2010

Sure Lookin' Good To Me (Lyric)

(Words and Music © Dave Peters)

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 I gotta head full of ideas they're drivin' me insane
I'm gonna keep a movin` like a one way train
I'm lookin' for you baby cause you're lookin' so good
Gonna love you better than you thought I could

Shake it holy mama 'cause you know that that's the way it's gonna be
You`re sure lookin' good, sure lookin' good to me

Gonna take it to my mama if that's what it takes
I`m lookin' for you baby lookin' out the breaks
With your dresses and your sneakers and your head held high
Gimme heebie jeebies baby my oh my


Betcha mama told you she was outta sight
Bet she wouldn't let you keep it out all night
Molly couldn't get it she used up all her might
Surely Shirley showed her how to do it right

( Chorus)

Shake it holy mama , while you can, shake it holy mama, I'm your man ( Repeat `till fade)

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