Tuesday, 1 June 2010


Happy to appear at a Help For Heroes fundraiser last Thursday night in Salford , near Manchester. I played a 20 minute set with my friends Liz Baker on keys / bass and Tony Heath on drums. They played a blinder. That's English for very well. Several artists on the bill with one early act who shall remain nameless over running by 100 per cent plus. That impacts as subsequent acts having their set shortened - and being later in actually appearing, of course.

Luckily we managed to sneak on before the very end - that is before the boy / girl duo with the huge PA system and backing tracks. Good thing too, as there can be a bit of a problem following the giant noise that eminates from such acts, then followed by a live trio with un-miked drums, little guitar amps etc. It's to do with relative sound pressure.

Plus it was way past my bed time already.

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