Friday, 18 June 2010

Ibanez Musician circa 1978

DP's Ibanez Musician
I bought this in Johnny Roadhouse, Manchester, around about 1990, for, I seem to recall, £130.00. A fair old bargain - these guitars are quite sought after nowadays. When I found it, there were three on the wall  hiding in the back corner, my southpaw and two right handers, tucked out of  the way and forgotten about (Perhaps it just seemed that way to me!). All  similarly priced, with hindsight, I should have taken the three.

But it's not all about the price, it's actually mostly about playability, and this plays so well that it's one of  my guitars that I'd  be most reluctant to part with.

It's an ace instrument, the neck intonation is spot on, with the action being low low low.
Solid bodied, and a bit weighty - but that's ok, it goes with the territory.

The internal electics in mine are all awry, so  I've got it  wired  just using the pickups as humbuckers (ignoring coil taps) nice and simple, out via volume and tone controls, naturally. For any style of playing , really that's all that's needed
A fantastic guitar, used lots - including for the album cover artwork. I often revisit this guitar and give it another outing.

Ibanez Musician  on
Rock 'n' Roll Outsider
 album cover

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