Friday, 11 June 2010

John Barry Seven

Had a couple of photos, they had been in my family for years (almost fifty years, actually )-- they are of the JB7 ,and the reason they are in my possession is that my cousin, Mike Peters was in the band , he can be seen here playing his Framus bass. He`s standing between the legendary guitarist Vic Flick and JB (oh and Les Reed is the pianist).
Mike is well, lives in Leeds, I visited him a while ago, he`s an interesting guy.

I passed one photo out to Geoff Leonard for his JB biography (never checked if he actually used it, but he said he intended to),........ this is the other.

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grandad said...

Knew Dougie Wright (Drummer) in my schooldays.

Last saw him in late fifties in a musical instrument store in Leeds