Sunday, 27 June 2010

Short Q and A

Here are my replies to a short "1950's - related" Q and A interview from yesterday (Good questions, Stella, hope you dont mind me reproducing it on here!!!)

Q. How would you describe your interest in the fifties?
A. I was brought up in a family with very strong musical influences. Buddy, Chuck, Fats and the like were always on our old big gramophone (not much Elvis though, oddly). The emergence of Rock and Roll music / youth culture as a rebellious force and as a generation with, really for the first time, expendable income (although I never had any !).
British / American / French cinema. 50's to mid 60's.
Great dancing / jiving - freedom of expression / the oft quoted sexual revolution ( I didn't have much of that, either!).

Q.Where does your interest mainly lie?
A. Mainly the music, but also the fashion - the girls / women looked fabulous. Also the culture . I am into old stuff such as Bela Lugosi movies and the like, Ed Wood, cinematic "pulp fiction" (I know there `s no such thing !!). I'm generally interested as it's recent history (within my memory to an extent) Funnily enough, I don't see it as nostalgia though, as its still current to me.
It has to be sincere though.

Q. Where do u get your inspiration from?
A. My inspiration comes directly mainly from the music, but also the art work as it were. The (B) movie posters were a superb now mainly lost art, except in parody, or tribute.

Q.Do u particularly like one style or is it a mix?
A. Mix. I Don't think there is any mileage in all the guys trying to look like John Travolta though, there is no mileage in that. If not done correctly it can become fancy dress.

Q. Where do u get your collectables from?
A. Don't think I particularly collect memorabila. There are some cool shops / cafe bars in the retro style in Manchester northern quarter - Afflicks' Palace and so on - I feel at home there.

Q. Do you attend events ?
A. Some times get to rock and roll events. I play my own concerts in that general style ...........I am actually going on to a rock and roll club in Blackpool tonight. I am a singer songwriter musician somewhat in the "style" of the early rockers. However I don't believe in just rehashing old songs - how can my "Johnny B Goode" be as good as Chuck's? Well it can't, so it's pointless to do it ---- I write my own material.

Q. What kind of people do you identify with?
A. the only people I really identify with really are musicians who understand the rock medium. Of course "rock" is a term that has been stolen by "heavy metal" type stuff, which leaves me cold. To me "rock", and "rockabilly", and "rock and roll" ,and "original rhythm and blues" can all mean the same thing, it just depends on what the flavour of the month is to determine which title is being used.

Q. Are past styles part of the mainstream ?
A. I believe that past styles are part of the mainstream . It was always this way, I also witnessed this with punk rock in the mid late 70's , which when it emerged had the nation horrified, but I just thought it was funny. Still do. Now punk is totally mainstream.

Q. Is there a current retro trend ?
A. Yes there is. Massive at the moment - It ebbs and flows some times it's popular some times you can't get arrested playing it it's so "out of style" but I don't mind, makes no difference at all to me.

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