Friday, 18 June 2010

Washburn HB35

Dave Peters Birmingham UK 2012 Copyright Screamsville UK

Club gig, Blackpool Dec 2012 Copyright Screamsville UK

This is my 1984 Japanese Washburn S/N 8491. It's a cool rock and roll guitar, one of my main two stage electrics. It's had to have some work done over the years though -  a broken neck repair, then I had  locking tuners and a Buzz Feiten system fitted. So now it's really in tune and stays in tune. ( It didn't  actually need the locking tuners, I just had them fitted while it was in for other repairs anyway - and they are really good!) Like all the best guitars, I can use it for an hour set, put it in it's case, and come back to it a week later and it will still be in concert, or as near as a midges.)
 Nice slim neck, standard 2 humbucker configuration, just what the doctor ordered.
Live I mostly just use it through a Boss DD3 into my amp to get that rockabilly sound. I still have a Wem Copycat, but the little Boss pedal is just more roadworthy.   
 The Washburn is the lead guitar that features on the track "Boogie Woogie 'Till The Cows Come Home" - the first guitar you hear.

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