Saturday, 19 June 2010

Yamaha APX 10 LA

Yamaha APX 10 LA resting in
Wilderswood  Studio
 My main electro - acoustic for live work
- in fact the only one I use.
 It's played combo-amp free, direct into the PA system. This is a straight-forward top class guitar with a rich, full, realistic  acoustic tone, and importantly it's very feedback resistant with an onboard mini graphic equaliser, and volume control.   There are a lot of these guitars around, in various permutations and price ranges, and for good reason. They are really excellent, sort of an industry standard. I've seen Ralph McTell use one live, they have to be good to have that level of patronage.  Mine was used as a pure acoustic on my 2009 EP. For recording new (ten's gauge) strings help the sound along, of course.

EP includes
"Boogie Woogie 'Till The Cows Come Home
available as mp3 download on
Amazon, iTunes etc.
 The Yamaha is the one seen on the "Rockin' With" ep artwork.

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