Sunday, 29 August 2010

Cort MGM1 (Matt "Guitar" Murphy Signature Series)

My little Cort MGM1.

 It's a cool guitar. Very easy guitar to play and comfy, lightweight ,good tone and critically,it  holds its tuning.

Mine  is an ex- demo model, I got at the Northern Guitar Show about a decade ago for what seemed to be a song -  I don't actually  know what kind of price they go for.

Studio and occasional live use - it's the outtro guitar on " You're Sure Looking Good to Me" and it appears in lots of other places too. Pretty little thang, ain't it!

DP with Cort MGM 1 (On the site of  the Bolton Odeon 2013)

Monday, 23 August 2010

auto tune

Following some storm in a tea cup X factor controversy (more publicity for them) a talking head on the news has just stated that there hasn`t been a record released in the last ten years that hasn't had some amount of auto tune correction (to get the vocals in pitch).
We don't use it and I'm sure lots, probably most artists, don't either. So there!

Friday, 20 August 2010

I've got 143 friends, me !

Just sneaked onto face book for a look around, it's scary really, like a Tales of the Unexpected" script, as, in just a few fast clicks ,so many old faces, people who were just a distant memory, are suddenly smiling at me from the screen - friends of friends of friends - and if that's not enough - they have all got older - some hardly recognisable.

Also , and I'm sure this was a song - proof that everybody knows somebody who knows somebody that's famous.

At pres, I`m just a name a school and a birth date. But can I resist the magnetic pull of a social networking site ................. Yes I can!

P.S One day later. Er, no, I can't, after all !

PPS - One week later - it turns out I've actually got 8 friends. The 143 was a rough estimate.