Friday, 20 August 2010

I've got 143 friends, me !

Just sneaked onto face book for a look around, it's scary really, like a Tales of the Unexpected" script, as, in just a few fast clicks ,so many old faces, people who were just a distant memory, are suddenly smiling at me from the screen - friends of friends of friends - and if that's not enough - they have all got older - some hardly recognisable.

Also , and I'm sure this was a song - proof that everybody knows somebody who knows somebody that's famous.

At pres, I`m just a name a school and a birth date. But can I resist the magnetic pull of a social networking site ................. Yes I can!

P.S One day later. Er, no, I can't, after all !

PPS - One week later - it turns out I've actually got 8 friends. The 143 was a rough estimate.

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