Saturday, 18 September 2010

Stages, Leigh Casino, The Cavern, Kingsway Club, Bolton Odeon

The Kingsway Club in Southport  burned down on the 7th Sept. 2010. The Beatles had performed on it's stage, and presumably that stage is now destroyed. It could have been lifted and replaced somewhere. With the current and obsessive interest in Rock and Roll memorabilia  I'm certain fans  would  have paid top doller........... so if nothing else preserving such original stages could be seen as business opportunities. Imagine, you could have a Beatles stage in your lounge!!

I seem to remember the original Cavern stage was broken up and sold. Which,  if it actually happened is ok but hardly the same as keeping the whole thing intact. How cool would that have been inlaid into the centre of an arena stage.

By the time they tore down my local  Leigh Casino , I'm almost certain that the original stage,as played on by the Beatles in the very early sixties, had already been lost, destroyed by a fire.

DP Bolton Odeon 2013

 Same sort of thinking regarding the non preservation of the stage of the Bolton Odeon Theatre (Cinema) demolished in 2007, having played host to Chuck Berry, Roy Orbison and no doubt many other names. Same for Leigh Garrick. And on and on ..........

Chuck Berry was here! What would have been centre stage at the Bolton Odeon.
Pic  taken May  2013

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