Monday, 11 October 2010

Imelda May woke me up last night..............

Imelda May woke me up last night. Well, in a manner of speaking. What actually happened is that I was awoken by the crashing down of the flier I scrounged at her Academy 2 concert the other Saturday night (9th October 2010 ). I'd stuck it in a wobbly glass picture frame and it leapt off the wall, unaided, at about 5.00 am.
On the night in question we'd got in nice and early, there were just a handful of believers in, we could stroll casually up to the stage for me to knowledgeably (and wrongly) point out Darrell Higham's semi acoustic rockabilly guitar on it's stand, just a-waiting to twang.

So in the manner of seasoned concert goers we had a walk down the hall and into the street to a groovy little bar called “ Big Hands”, timing our return just as the support finished.
They were Furious. (See how I resisted the pun!). The lads got a great reception. I was more than happy to join in and give them the clap.

Well there's full, and there's stupid, as Count Arthur Strong might say. If someone had tried to cram just another half a dozen rockabillies into the hall, the walls may well have given out and brought the roof down.

Worth the squeeze and risk of building collapse though, all was forgiven the moment the gorgeous Imelda took to the stage . She's sure fine lookin' man, wow, she's somethin' else. Sassy. And what an incredible, totally distinctive voice.
She has a tremendous band - with hubby Darryl's trademark Eddie Cochran style lead guitar riffs and bends as a perfect counterpoint to her jazz – rock vocals.
The band line up was Imelda lead vocals, plus guitar , bass , drums and trumpet.
The sound was enormous and colossal - even stood with my back against the mixer desk at the rear of the hall, the beat of the drum was loud and bold - I felt the pulse pounding on my chest .

She played all the biggies, Johnny's got a Boom Boom, Mayhem, Psycho, Train Kep't a Rollin'. I didn't take notes. All great songs, every one a winner. I could run out of superlatives trying to describe this show - just fabulous!
Now out to go and buy me a reliable / non- suicidal picture frame.

Monday, 4 October 2010

Musical Afflictions ( 3 ) Tearie Singism AKA Scriekey warbling.

Symptoms ;- Vocalist can't sing for crying, due to sheer emotion of song. Mostly seems to affect X factor wanna - bees, milli seconds after they appear to have forgotten the words.
Cure : - give them a quick cuddle. That normally fixes it.

My MP3 player............

.............the most frequently played tracks this month.(This is a completely different list to my all time favorite 5 rock and roll tracks as seen on Planet Jive's cool website )
I'm Down.....The Beatles
Dear Dad.....Chuck Berry
Mayhem..... Imelda May
She Does it Right ...Dr. Feelgood
Gone Gone Gone...... Robert Plant and Alison Krauss.