Thursday, 5 May 2011

Joe Brown Liverpool Philharmonic Hall Fri 22 April 2011


Joe Brown and DP
archive photo
Preston Guild Hall

I got to see Joe Brown at the Phil last Friday. He actually gets better and better. Appearing before an appreciative full house he and the band (son Pete, Phil Capaldi, Roland Jones and Mike Nichols) performed two lengthy, well paced sets, with the emphasis perhaps more towards acoustics guitar, slide guitar, mandolin, plus bass and percusion. As a matter of fact long time band member drummer Phil didn't even sit at the full kit until the second set, preferring to work with a snare, kick box, tamborine and assorted bits and pieces - a skiffle kit.
Joe in concert peforms a quantity of fresh material for each time out - that's a good reason why it's worthwhile for faithful followers to attend successive tours.
I didn't bother taking a set list - I happened to be sat beside Rich, reviewing for liverpool-live, so i thought maybe I'd crib his notes, but I couldn't quite make them out. If my memory serves me well Joe included, in no particular order, Darktown Strutter's Ball, Malt and Barley Blues, Shine, That's What Love Will Do, A Picture of You, I Still Haven't Found What I am Looking For, Sea Of Heartbreak, Souvenir D'Alvito, All Shook Up, I'll See You in My Dreams, and plenty more.
The band were excellent,with son Pete taking quite a lot of the lead breaks, often on slide, he's an excellent tasteful player. Chip off the old block, of course.
The full concert was filmed and I'm sure I'll buy the dvd.

Monday, 2 May 2011

I thought I'd had an original thought...........

..............but somebody beat me to it. Currently trying to think of a good title for the album, I've had a few maybes , but a quick surf of the net and virtually every one had been used before. Was looking at " Feedback on the Ground" which was a deliberate mishearing of "Help me get my feet back on the ground" Sounded funky - already used. Pre internet days we could have used it in ignorant, wonderful bliss ! Will get it though, in time.
We're well into recording now, we've got about 9 or 10 tracks (mostly) done. All new songs using voice, guitars, bass, mandolin, harmonica with Mike Walker - amazing- on percussion and drums. We're using real instruments, acoustic guitar through a microphone, real acoustic drums and the like , and it feels good, sort of organic. At the moment I'm mostly using an old Antoria acoustic mandolin, a Tanglewood (Earth 200 LH ?) acoustic, a Busker Canon Resonator for slide, and the Ibanez Musician solid body electric . Very soon to go into the mix, Helen Walker with her awesome keyboard skills. Also I'm into stereo in a big way so in the mixing Helen is placing stuff, for example double tracked vocals,in interesting places. Cool.