Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The new album..................

................oh, it's taking a bit longer than planned (oops!) That's ok though, its a living thing, keeps growing, keeps evolving. My great friend and record producer Helen "fix-it-in-the-mix" Walker of Everyday Records has had the patience of a saint, considering all of the changes I've made to the songs. It's not been unusual for us to record a track, then re record it in a different key with a different tempo and changed lyrics, then to re do it all over again. just tryna get it right, you know, that elusive right feel. We're definately getting a bit nearer the finish line now, think at least twelve, possibly more tracks, all new songs, natch! Got a cool album title too, so cool in fact,that it's top secret for now, lest someone nicks it! Yep, it's that cool! Oh,and the tie-in single has most likely been chosen,too.
For gear devotees only, (like myself) we've added the following to the list of studio instruments I've been mainly using -
Andy Farrell solid body mandolin.
Hohner blues harps / Lee Oskar harmonicas.........and we're getting some really good tones out of my inexpensive old Tanglewood acoustic played into H's really expensive Everyday Records mic !!!

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