Monday, 23 January 2012

Dion (DiMucci) Tankful of Blues, new album.........

.......... is out in a couple of hours,an' I'm going to get it get it get it rightaway! There's no guesswork on it's merit - the songs have been on preview for a while - and how could there be any doubt in any case, it's Dion, man!! I paid 18 euros for one of his albums in a Berlin store last year, knew that was over the bidding, but it just looked right. Son of Skip James. Then I remembered. Dion became the voice of that year, sure he's fixing to be the voice of this year too. I back tracked some of his other albums Bronx in Blue , and Yo Frankie being my faves. Best voice in Rock 'n' Roll, no contest.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Sandie Shaw on Jools` Hootenanny

I'm amazed to see Ms Shaw being slated for her performance. Everybody sees things differently I guess, cause I thought she was superb !!! Voice, legs, attitude, legs, songs. Did I mention legs?