Friday, 28 September 2012

Rockin' With Dave Peters EP Liner Notes

EP artwork by Everyday Records
Boogie Woogie 'Till The Cows Come Home
 Completely written before we started recording, I'd played this live a few times, so it was just a case of deciding a key and laying it down, really. I still play this song on gigs fairly regularly- it's got a groove and usually goes over.
Long Leggy Woman
(Notes on the 2009 recording - re- recorded as a Blues in 2012) :-
I wrote  the most part of this in my head while I was driving along, and  scribbled it down as soon as I stopped. Sometimes a song can come along like that. It`s capo-ed acoustic guitar ( dropped D tuning). Helen Walker on bass and Mike Walker on drums.

You're Sure Lookin' Good To Me
I`ve got a fuzz box and I`m going to use it! . The track's signature sound  is my ancient  Big Muff (see pic) -the world's least subtle distortion pedal, from the days when pedals were pedals.
This was a fairly straight forward  recording - we kept the instrumentation to a minimum. I think its just slide Epiphone Sheraton lead, a couple of rhythm guitars, Dean bass , Mikey W on drums , and lead vocal complete with slapback echo. Although there was a temptation to sing it an octave higher, which would be more natural for me, I resisted. As far as the instrumentation goes, simplicity rules !

.....I got a fuzzbox....

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