Sunday, 28 October 2012

Livin' End Single - liner notes

Livin' End - Single artwork.
Livin' End
 As soon as we recorded this I knew  it should be the pre- album single, it sort of sets the tone. I wrote it while driving home from a gig and I sang it into a tape recorder when I got in. I could hear Roy Orbison singing it in my mind.  The final song isn’t that far removed from that first guitar-free draft. Incredibly, the initial rough tape-recorder demo, sans guitar, was even in the right key, E minor. That’s a rock ‘n’ roll key. And I just love Mike's rockabilly beat!
Recorded  on  my tatty old  red re-finished Epiphone Sheraton semi acoustic.

Long Leggy Woman (Blues Version)  (B side only - not on album)
Messing around busking on my guitar, as is my wont, I was absent-mindedly playing this song, and I found myself doing it E, which is a lower key to the original, and with a much different feel too. I hadn’t actually noticed at first it was one of my own songs. I felt the funky groove gave the song a completely new lease of life, and so we have a 2012 version.

See separate posts for lyrics ( Labels: LYRICS)

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