Tuesday, 2 October 2012

That Girl's No Good For Me (single) - liner notes

That Girl's No Good For Me  - Single Artwork

 That Girl's No Good For Me

I wrote this really quickly, once I'd got the guitar groove it more or less just tumbled out. Thinking Del Shannon in the middle eight harmonies, but they didn’t come out that way.
Starts with a Buzzcocks’ C sharp minor chord.

Stay in My Heart  (B side only-not on album)

Completely written way back, maybe 2002 - ish. I think a rough demo of this may be the very first thing I ever put down at Wilderswood Studios.    I always thought this would be a good song for a girl singer, and I still do. I think it could be played in a lot of different styles. This is how it comes out when I do it. Helen tells me she aimed for an atmospheric Walker Brothers  sound with the vocals, quite different for one of my records.

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