Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Busker Cannon Resophonic Guitar

Cool little (parlor size) Welsh acoustic. I used it exclusively
on the album for bottleneck slide guitar - and thats quite a
lot of   tracks.  It's tuned to open G, my preferred slide tuning,
high to low D, B, G D. G D. Keith Richard often used to leave
 off the 6th string in his version of this tuning so the lowest,
5th string, becomes the bass note.
Five Tracks available as an ep
or as separate mp3 downloads.
 I love the Busker's  funky tone -  for slide playing  a resonator is the thing.  It was also used in standard tuning, for non-slide picking  here and there, too.  I'm thrilled with this instrument.  

It's the guitar shown on the Stranger's Kiss EP sleeve.

Slip sliding away........

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