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Stranger's Kiss EP - Liner Notes

Stranger's Kiss EP
official artwork by
Everyday Records
Stranger's Kiss

Written in Nice, France on my little Baby Taylor travel guitar (hand luggage, very handy). To me, the song  sounds  like a Russian folk song,  maybe. Or late sixties Eurovision.  Bass and accordion parts invented and played by Helen.

I’ll Tell Me Ma

I perform this on my mandolin in shows and it usually gets a good response. I thought it would be cool to record it. We got it down in one 4 hour session with just a couple of minor alterations later. Some of the parts are first takes, which is always a good feeling. Antoria acoustic mandolin, Tanglewood acoustic guitar, Tanglewood violin bass. Mike played a Gretsch kit with a Ludwig snare on all the tracks.

Lazy Day Blues

That’s the way I was feeling when I wrote it, it’s definitely autobiographical.
Lovin’ Spoonful attitude maybe, and there’s not a lot of instrumentation  on it. Less is more, to a point.

 Aggravation Blues

We  doubled up the acoustics, one to the left, one the right, - we do this often,  I think it gives a rich interesting  sound. The slide is  my Busker Cannon Resophonic acoustic.
Harmonica is in C, making it play blues in G. I worked that out for myself decades ago, it was a revelation at the time! (Now it's common knowledge).
Helen on bass on this track.

Girl (You took the heart of me)

I felt it would be interesting to sing the chorus in falsetto to get that Smokey Robinson feel, and it’s played in Smokey Robinson major sevenths too. Verse goes from 6ths to 7ths – that’s not as complicated as it sounds, it’s just two guitar chord shapes. The slide guitar is double tracked and was a drop-in from Screamsville Studios, as were the harmonies in the solo.

All tracks -  a massive  thank-you goes to:-

Helen Walker -  for inspiration,  mixing, engineering, and belief,
Mike Walker - fantastic on drums / percussion.

Just as with the Rock 'n' Roll Outsider album, without Helen and Mike,  the recordings absolutely couldn't have happened! XX.

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