Monday, 6 May 2013

Eastwood Airline Mandola - Review

REVIEW - Eastwood Airline MAP Mandola in Seafoam Green (updated Jan 2015).

Hi y'awl,   I just wanted to share with you how much I'm loving my Eastwood Airline MAP mandola. 
I bought it online about three years ago, since when I've used it on stage and in the recording studio literally hundreds of times.  
Great things come in small packages - very true of this cutey. Its such a funky - looking animal, very appealing, very sixties retro, and what a wild colour, man! 
The solid - body shape is the American  map, but on my lefty, it’s a mirror image of course. 
It’s drawn loads of queries, admiring comments, and one  “New guitar, Dave?“

It’s really in the zone to play. If you can play the mandolin, after a few minutes familiarisation you can play the mandola too, as the chord shapes are the same. It’s just ”seven frets lower”, - a  deeper voicing compared to it's baby sister.
The model is comfortable and light and is a dream to play. It  has a nice slim neck, perfect for my taste,  and is very stable.
Tuning and gauges of my preferred strings :-  C- 36, G-24, D -16, A- 10. (Standard mandola tuning)

For live gigs, I used to carry both  an electric mandolin and  the mandola, however, I latterly started to simply leave the mandolin at home, and by the magic of using a capo, I discovered I only needed to take the Eastwood.   Capo-ed at fret 7, the mandola becomes a mandolin. I can recommended this as  working  very well  indeed and I've encountered no intonation issues. At the time of writing I'm using the mandola capo-ed up  on stage for six numbers.  

Aside from sounding like an electric mandola,obviously, if I had to describe the sound of this instrument I'd say it's a lot   like a 12 string electric guitar, with a loud bright ringing tone  producing some nice chords, virtually replicating the jingle jangle of the electric Byrds.

The pick up seems to be a notch louder / hotter  through my amp(s) than my electric guitars.

Stage amplification - I'm currently mostly playing through a 1 X12 Peavey 40w Combo (occasionally mic-ed up), and the mandola sounds really neat played clean with just the slightest tiny touch of reverb.
This mandola is cool, I think it’s great and I’m absolutely using it more and more - it's already prominently  in the mix of my work-in-progress next  EP release. 
By the way, I'm not affiliated with Eastwood Guitars  in any way, I just happen to  love this mandola. 

Photo courtesy of Screamsville Studios 2014

Thursday, 2 May 2013

My MP3 Player......Update 2013

Rock 'n' Roll  Records Of The Month (aka "Those Golden Oldies")

This could become  a regular feature - or just as possibly be extremely random and rare, seeing as how the last time  I published this list was over two years ago !
Anyhow, my top five most listened to tracks this month are .............

1. The Price of Love - Everly Brothers
2. Way Down - Elvis Presley
3.  Back In The USA  - Chuck Berry
4.  Motorbiking - Chris Spedding
5.  Big River -  Johnny Cash

.........All ace tracks DP  !!!