Monday, 2 September 2013

Instinct (lyric)

Words And Music © Dave Peters
Recording Artist on Everyday Records

i got an instinct, of what it's all about /we set it in motion / let it scream out and shout / don't take it too serious / let it all hang out / the wind it cut through me / chill me right to the bone / we huddle together / we ain't never alone / i think of the good times / of the times that I've known / solo / if we play it by instinct / there's no way that we know / if we'd got it together / would it live would it grow / but if you tell me it's over / well I'm anxious to go / solo / if you're taking to talking / just count me out / i'll be taking to walking / like you just found out /and i'll tell you it's over / and we can't work it out.