Monday, 2 February 2015

“Nothing is Wasted” 2015 Interview.

Q What is the main quality you would say you need to play rock and roll, or indeed any type of  music?

A. For my money, the most important ability you need to play music is a listening ability. As a youngster, I immersed myself in the old, original rock and roll records. The sounds became almost a part of me, and I got  to understand the genre. I originally learned to play guitar by ear, and was more or less self taught. Now that I don't recommend!  In this modern age, there are so many on-line tutors, youTube and so on, there's never been a better time to pick up and learn an instrument.
Also, if you are learning guitar, you need a guitar with a good neck  - absolutely doesn't have to be expensive , but has to be set up to play easily and in tune  - ask someone who knows , and I'd also say start with an acoustic maybe, to learn the fundamentals. 
And of course, practice, practice, practice.  I still do!  

Q. What is meant by the term Rock and Roll? 

A. "Rock and Roll" means different things to different people. To me, it's good time music, it makes you want to dance and move and tap your feet. You know it when you hear it.

Q. What inspires you to write music?

A. I'm inspired by my mood, if I'm happy I most likely will improvise a bright, rock and roll / rockabilly song, or if less so, something slower and bluesier. I'm inspired by everything around me, really - the weather, the season, and also I'm truly inspired when I hear other great recordings and artists. 

Q. How do you write music and lyrics what comes first music or words?
A. I see writing music as an art, and it's a learned craft. I write songs in many different ways, for example I'm forever noting down phrases that I may hear in everyday life,and sometimes they turn up later in a song. Most of my songs, I would say, are born by me strumming my guitar and just making up (singing) bits of melodies and snatches of words over that.  A good song should usually stand up to be being played and sang with just one guitar and one voice.
I mostly get down to songwriting in the evening and at night, but really, it can be anytime. 

Q. Who is your favourite guitarist of the past , and who is your favourite of today's musicians?

A .  My favourite guitarist of the past is Chuck Berry. I listened, and listened, and listened, to his groovy guitar breaks on those old vinyl discs. A wonderful guitar player. If I'm jamming on stage, my electric guitar style inevitably veers back to Chuck's.
Than I'd have to say favourite guitarist of the present is Brian Setzer. His style is totally rockabilly - he's a master of the form, and his playing is both brilliant,  and instantly recognisable. 

Q. I know you play several instruments, are there any other instruments that you would like to learn to play and maybe record with?

A. I love the sound of the fiddle. I'd love to learn it as a new challenge. It's tuned the same as my mandolin  so the note positions are the same. I tried to play one one time, but I just couldn't get  a tone out of it, so recording it would be a long way off, I guess. 

Q. Do you have anything exciting in the pipeline?

A. Yes, because I'm still so "into music" I'm always excited by projects. I'm currently writing and recording for a 2015 EP release on Everyday Records.  There are at least four strong tracks virtually finished. The EP 's working title is  "The Rockin' Blues Sound Of Dave Peters", and the tracks are :-  Crawling Back To You / Sofia / Poor Boy Blues / Screamsville Incident (Inst).  All new !  So that's exciting to me.